Import activity

The company engages in import activity for the purpose of developing the national economy, as well as covering the needs of its branches: –

* Importing all duty-free goods.

* Importing all branches of customs duty free goods.

*Meet the needs of the local market in terms of imported goods, as well as raw materials, intermediate goods and various chemicals for the work of analyzes and water treatments.

* Providing strategic food products and commodities.

*Providing the needs of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport and its subsidiaries, as well as the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation and its subsidiary companies, with all the supplies necessary for operation (rubber tires, batteries, wires, photocopiers, computers to, furniture, electrical tools, air conditioning devices, surveillance cameras. , Etc.).

*Importing all raw materials and goods in its name and for the account of others.

For more information :

MR.Adel FariedHead of the export sector

Mob: +201228264322